A visual of the second portion of last weekend’s Yoga & Healthy Eating Workshop in Encinitas. Michelle designed the menu and led us through the preparation of each dish, all the while talking with the group about food as medicine, pleasure and nourishment. Following a grounding 75-minute Yoga practice and 15-minute meditation, we were all excited to satiate our taste buds and fill our bellies with whole and delicious foods, prepared consciously and with love.
All dishes are vegan, gluten and (added) sugar-free… enjoy and be inspired 🙂


Lavender Kombucha Cocktail (dilute with lemon sparkly water)


Sweet Potato & Roasted Garlic Coconut Oil Mash in Collard Green Wraps; add Sprouts, Avocado & Lemon


Spring Salad of green leaf lettuce, carrot, cucumber & jicama with sauteed onion & mushrooms; Coconut Dijon Dressing


Cashew Cream of Asparagus Soup
**Not pictured, but served last, was homemade mint chia raw chocolate… pure cacao sweetened with stevia… heaven…
Thank you to all those that participated; we sincerely hope the entire experience was YUMMY, nurturing, educational and motivational and cannot wait to do it again, with a new menu!

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