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Cuz we know what will truly make America great again… each and every person connecting to the higher source of LOVE within him/herself.  We think the following help to facilitate that, and we’ve seen it in numerous students/clients/retreaters: Yoga, nature, community, friendship, learning, letting go, quiet time, unplugging, laughter, quality food, quality air, animals, true expression, freedom to BE exactly who one is….

It can be hard to tap into one’s inner well of peace and calm, acceptance and resilience on the daily. Life has so many struggles and tasks that it is easy enough to get distracted and disconnect from the inner source. Over time, the effects are felt, however, and they can be heavy! From time to time, one must break out and seek a new environment to stimulate the senses and creative capacity, as well as heal and rehabilitate in order to come back into life stronger and more robust. This is why we all love VACATION… ever presence and honoring of one self. This is the idea, at least, on a yoga retreat. Rather than dropping money on new clothes, new technological toys, or on someone else, what if you invested in your own well being… like in your yoga practice? Keep reading….

Arielle and I have teamed up again to offer a summertime yoga retreat to the real wilderness of the North American continent… a place we can truly be inspired by and have a break from busy bee SoCal culture. That place is Jackson, Wyoming…! Near the Grand Tetons and with Yellowstone nearby, this place is isolated and magical! We have a lovely family home with a gorgeous outdoor deck, overlooking a huge valley with mountains and forests and all kinds of animal species in the distance (or not so distant…), and here we will practice yoga together. Otherwise, there is plenty of space to lounge, areas to hike, a hot tub to relax in, and fresh, mountain air to breathe!

DETAILS: June 20-25, 2018; Arrive Wednesday afternoon, leave Monday morning; Location: Wilson, Wyoming; Transport: multiple options here, the quicker and likely most economical is to fly two legs, most seem to go to Salt Lake City, Utah and then to Wyoming. The flights as of now (on are looking good, around $600 +/- round trip. We will arrange airport pickup to our best ability, and hopefully we can coordinate most participants on the same flights so as to carpool to the home and back. We are in the process of finding a personal chef for the retreat. The schedule will be fairly mellow so each person has time to enjoy doing what he/she truly wants to do with the sacred, free time outside of yoga practice, meals and one group, day trip into the magnificent, surrounding nature (and a potential night outing into town). As the retreat falls on the first week of Summer, the weather should be warming nicely, but as mountain weather can be unpredictable, we suggest packing warm layers, also for the morning and nighttime chill!

Early bird price is good until Cinco de Mayo: $1,616.00

Then the price rises to $1,818.00!

This does not include flights, travel expenses, extra outings/activities. It does include food, accommodation & yoga + an option for airport pick-up/drop-off.

It’s the Spring Equinox (Happy Spring!), so the time is now to be proactive about realizing your dreams. Would a retreat into the astounding nature of America’s great, expansive West serve your highest Self? Twice daily yoga (Vinyasa, Yin), nutritious and delicious food, meditation, good company and some solace sound tempting? Then we’d love to have you apply. Here is the link:

We only have about 6 or 7 spots available for this retreat, it will be truly special, small and intimate. You will get loads of personal attention, especially during yoga practices. Apply now and join us for yoga and the great American outdoors…. I personally have never been to Wyoming nor to this region of the USA, so I am super excited for this new experience and to travel in one of my absolute favorite capacities, guiding and facilitating a nurturing, fun and transformative yoga retreat!

Once you have applied with the above link, Arielle and I will be in touch so you can reserve your spot with a non-refundable deposit of $600.00. The remainder of the payment will be due by June 5th. Payment plan installments are available, but the retreat must be paid in full before departure.

Here are some pics to give you an idea of the surroundings!

We hope you join us in WY!!! With the moose, bison, bears and all of Mother Nature’s glorious creatures… can’t wait to tap into all the magic. Questions? ASK AWAY!

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Namasté xoxo


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