*Classes are 60/75 minutes. Check social media for schedule updates. 


The following workshops are tried-and-true; contact Kenna to schedule or organize a related program @ your space—

  • Holy Hips & Hamstrings THIS SATURDAY 10/19, 3-5PM @ Y6 SOLANA BEACH120 minutes ~ Address the areas of the body pertaining to the ROOT (“I am”) and the SACRAL (“I feel”) energy centers (chakras). Intelligently and therapeutically release some of the biggest muscle groups and the largest joints of the body and learn how to optimally forward fold to support the legs, pelvis and spine. This workshop will not only create spaciousness in the lower body, but unlock creative potential and facilitate a gentle yet powerful emotional clearing, too.
  • Reversing Tech Neck120 minutes ~ Improve posture and say goodbye to back, shoulder and neck pain! Open the heart (“I love”) and throat (“I speak”) centers; learn optimal alignment and muscular engagement for safe and effective back bending; counter the ill effects of sitting/cell phone use (tech neck)!
  • Fly Free: Arm Balances & Inversions120 minutes ~ Shift perspective and take your yoga practice to the next level! Learn precise techniques that support a strong yet easeful playfulness within this challenging and invigorating category of Asana. Cultivate trust in your own body awareness and strength, ignite the core (“I do”), find mental focus and suspend your body in space. Activate the body’s highest energy centers (“I see” & “I understand”), move away from fear and learn to fly with grace.
  • Chakra Flow120 minutes ~ A fluid exploration of the body’s energetic centers, from the ground up, using Asana, Pranayama, Chanting and Meditation techniques. Chakra-specific music complements the workshop and provides for a dynamic experience and transformation.
  • Yoga Fundamentals90-120 minutes ~ All the basics; ideal for beginners and anyone looking to revisit/refine his/her understanding of the foundation of the practice, including alignment, breath and meditation.
  • Master Class: Barre So Hard90-120 minutes (Ballet Sculpt) ~ Ballet meets Yoga meets Dance meets Fitness! Move to the beat and get ready to sweat.
  • Pop-Up Yoga90 minutes ~ Variety of themes… endless possibilities!
  • Contemporary Dance ~ 90-180 minutes ~ Classic, Jazz or incorporating Ballet Sculpt/Yoga; includes warm-up, across the floor, center work and choreography.
  • Yin & Young Living ~ 90-120 minutes ~ Yin Yoga w/ Young Living Essential Oils… passive stretch for the connective tissues; full body, mind and nervous system relaxation. The complimentary aroma of pure oils enhance the environment, supporting the process of letting go, slowing down, breathing and being… a feel good experience designed to nourish and rejuvenate.
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga ~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, hallmark yoga philosophy, and applying it to our current life; incorporates discussion, practice and self-reflection.


Coming soon to a city near you… Beginning Ballet Sculpt ~ Barre Fitness Teacher Training! (20 Hours) Do you love barre workouts? Dancing? Yoga? Strength training? Fitness? Music that makes you want to move?! Then this program is for you! Learn how to, firstly, embody the classical ballet technique inherent within this type of exercise. Secondly, how to teach a safe, authentic and fun barre class, staying true to form yet with an understanding of when and how to adapt the movement for your students. The majority of the training focuses on ballet technique, practice and pedagogy, but also addresses Yoga, primarily as a warm-up and cool-down approach, upper body strengthening, use of weights, cardio (rhythm), musicality, and creative & sensible sequencing/choreography. The program also lightly explores dance history and effective qualities of a great barre teacher as they relate to presence, language, voice, demonstration, assists, musical choice, maintaing the beat, energy and flow of a class, etc. The weekend format of the training allows for convenient participation and plenty of time to really engage and integrate the material. Once the beginning program is complete, students are invited to continue training with Kenna in the intermediate program and beyond! Contact kennacooper@gmail.com with inquiries, or to host this training at your dance/yoga/fitness/movement space. Must have access to barres; variety of small weights, resistance bands and balls preferable, but not necessary.